We're not entirely sure why city workers don't realize there is an army of citizen reporters waiting to post videos of their unlawful antics on the Internet, but it's about time they were made aware. City transit officials are investigating the case of a 7 train motorman caught texting while driving the Queens-bound train on Friday morning. An anonymous straphanger caught video of the motorman on his phone, who quickly stopped once he saw he was being recorded. The straphanger told NY1, "I was a bit perturbed to see that the driver of the train was text messaging and his eyes were on his cell phone and not at all on the tracks."

The MTA told the Post, "MTA New York City Transit has an absolute, zero-tolerance policy against texting, cellphone use or handling any type of mobile device while in a crew cab," and said the motorman will be "removed from service" once he is identified and pending the disciplinary process. Subway riders also seem extremely upset. The videotaping straphanger said, "The main reason I am so upset about this is that I was involved in what could have been a very serious car accident at one point in my life because somebody was text messaging." Another said, "This is inexcusable. This is unbelievable. If there was a broken track and this guy's not paying attention then he just killed all of us!"

In September, the MTA busted 178 bus drivers for texting while driving, though sometimes that doesn't do much good. Driver Jeremy Philhower had been suspended for texting while driving, and his first day back on the job he struck and killed pedestrian Seth Kahn.