Last month, a woman was leaving a 4 train in the Bronx when she "realized her pants and leg were wet"—that's when a fellow subway passenger told her that a man had masturbated on her. Now cops say they've caught the culprit after matching his DNA to the state's database.

Police sources tell the NY Post that Rodney Pierre, 50, was arrested on Friday after his DNA matched bodily fluid on the victim's clothing. His DNA was already on file from at least one other attack, the Post reports.

Both the victim and the eyewitness reported the incident to the police.

Pierre, who is a level-three sex offender and reportedly committed a similar crime in 1992, was charged with forcible touching, harassment and sexual abuse. He's being held on $10,000 bail or $15,000 bond.

If you see or experience sexual misconduct in the subway (this includes seeing a masturbator, being groped, being grinded on, etc.), you can report it to the MTA and police on this website. There's also a place for you to upload photos and/or video. Don't let the perverts win.