2005_04_183rd.jpgYesterday morning, a group of teenage boys attacked another group of boys, killing one and wounding the other two - most likely over a girl. At the 183rd Street 4 train station, Marvel Martinez, Fernando Ramales and Daniel Valentino were waiting for a train to high school when the attacking group approached them. One boy "plunged" a machete in Martinez's back and back of his head, according to Newsday. Ramales and Valentino tried to flee, but the attackers eventually caught up with each, stabbing them. Martinez died, while Ramales and Valentino are in hospitals. Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the media, "We believe it was a dispute over a young woman who may have been the girlfriend of one of the individuals and gone out with one of the victims." The Daily News says that Ramales had "dared to eat lunch" with the girlfriend, meaning that the attackers killed the "wrong" guy. There is some speculation that the attack was gang-related. Police are still trying to look for the suspects.