Fun fact: New York's subway platforms are equipped with intercoms which can, theoretically, be used to summon help in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, many of them are inconspicuously positioned, and they all have a built-in feature that automatically terminates the call after two minutes. Because we all know how tedious emergency calls tend to get after a couple of minutes. But a new intercom pilot program is set to change all that, with fancy new intercoms equipped with "calming" blue lights!

According to Antenna Design New York, the so-called Help Point Intercom system features an ADA-compliant customer interface , and consists of a microphone, speaker, red emergency call button and green information call button. They'll be posted every 150 feet or so, and a camera in the device will enable responders at NYC Transit's Rail Control Center to see the caller and the platform. The pilot program is expected to start within a few months, and if successful, the new call boxes will be installed across the 468-station system next summer. NYC Transit President Thomas Prendergast tells the Daily News, "It sounds trite, but seconds can save lives."