The rash of recent subway shootings are all being investigated, some with more leads than others. Right now, the police think that the non-life-threatening Times Square shooting of model-actress Monica Meadows was caused by a gun being jostled in a bag, not an intentional shooting. The fabric found on the bullet that hit Meadows' shoulder had fabric "consistent with a backpack or duffel bag," according to police. Gothamist realizes that rationale is not paramount when carrying a gun, but, come on, if you're carrying a gun, please don't mess with it. There are tons of people around! It's a dangerous weapon. Why do you need to carry a concealed weapon? Leave it at home. Better yet, turn it into the police.

Meanwhile, police are talking to witnesses about Monday afternoon's shooting at the Wall Street 4/5 station where a man fired at another passenger (missing him) that got off the train. The Post reports more details on what the shooter had been saying: "I hate this country. I'm tired of this country. I want to leave this country"; and later, after the intended victim said something to him, "Oh, you think you're so big! I'm gonna cap your ass!" Words to live by.

Gothamist on subway shootings. Also, a man tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of one of the "money trains" at the Christopher Street statin last night. Authorities say the man had a history of mental problems; he was not seriously injured and remains at St. Vincent's.