Union Square SubwayWhat is New York without some subway stories? In this edition, surviving falling into the subway tracks, the (non-fatal, luckily) stabbing of transit worker and the mugging of a nun:

- A man survived after falling into the subway tracks and having a 7 train pass over him on Friday morning. Brian Jemmotte had a seizure, which caused him to slip onto the tracks. Amazingly, he fell between the rails and fit within the foot of space between the track bed and train car. The Daily News says that other people waiting on the platform had been waving to the subway conductor to stop, and though the conductor applied the brakes, a couple of the subway cars passed over Jemmotte. FDNY Lieutenant William Hroch said, "He must have had guardian angels on his shoulders this morning...Not many people get hit by a train or have a train roll on top of them and survive." Gothamist is glad to hear of it - there are too many tragic subway fall stories.
- A man stabbed a transit worker at one of the 1/2/3/9's platforms at Penn Staiton, after the transit worker couldn't give him directions. The incident occured at 6AM on Friday morning, with a man in his 30s stabbing power distribution worker Jiwan Singh, 53, in the chest. Singh was treated at Bellevue, while the attacker is still at large.
- A nun was mugged on her way to the subway in East New York. Sister Ngozi Ohaeri yelled at the mugger, "In Jesus' name, leave me alone!" The mugger stole $60 and her rosary. Now, this did not occur at the subway and Gothamist is wondering what kind of savage would attack anyone, let alone a nun in full habit-gear on her way to prepare meals for hospital patients, but it's still subway related.