The Daily News has a list of the various transit rules being proposed by the MTA. The Transit Authority is getting to vote on a number of measures now that the proposed subway photography ban is dead and buried. The new rules seem like some hilarious fining fun:

- Placing a foot on a seat or platform bench - $50
- Wearing skates - $100
- Standing on a skateboard - $100
- Riding a scooter - $100
- Fare evasion (claiming a Metrocard is damaged or that the turnstile isn't working)- $60
- Walking between subway cars - $75

The fine for walking between subway cars does seem a bit much - what about those times there's a really smelly person on the train? One man, though, tells the Daily News, "I believe there should be a ban so people don't have to risk going through the experience I went through," as he lost part of his right arm and left leg in a 1985 accident while walking between cars. Gothamist would like to fine people who don't get up for the elderly or pregnant women or people with small children. The worst was when we saw a pregnant lady with a two year old child in tow that had to stand for more than eighty blocks. The lack of humanity!