Jessica Oshita, the young woman who miraculously survived an oncoming L train running over her at the Union Square station, returned home yesterday. However, the identity of the good, and humble, Samaritan who saved her life—since there wasn't enough time to lift her out of the tracks, he placed her in between the tracks— remains unknown.

Despite the fact that she has no recollection of her fall onto the tracks (“She hit her head so hard it knocked her out cold,” said her roommate, Will Robbins), she hopes to one day be able to thank her hero in person. Hero, if you're out there and reading this, please let Jessica give you a high five!

Meanwhile, a similar situation played itself out Wednesday afternoon. According to the Daily News, local union official John Busch and a track worker pulled to safety a woman who fell flat on her back onto the tracks of the Chambers St. subway station. “I didn’t consider myself a hero,” said Busch. “I just wanted to get her off the tracks.”