Well, this is a sad, but almost predictable result of sudden fame. Wesley Autrey, the subway superhero, is now suing his lawyers. Autrey claims that his lawyer, a movie agent, and the agent's production company pressured him into signing a contract. From the Daily News:

According to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Kleiman dropped in last month on a Waldorf-Astoria reception where Autrey was a guest of honor and offered free legal services to his family.

Two days later, she brought in Anthony - who also goes by Marco Antonio - and talked up how his Hollywood contacts could get Autrey "a lot of money."

"Kleiman said Mark can make things happen, including a movie of [Autrey's] life," the lawsuit charged.

The pair allegedly pressured Autrey into signing away 50% of his gross income, and even tried to demand travel expenses from New York magazine, which was profiling him and a Long Island elementary school where he was set to speak."

No! Not demanding travel expenses from New York magazine! But really, the 50% fee sounds crazy - we think Autrey is right to sue.

Kleiman says the lawsuit is "preposterous," and tells the Sun she gave Autrey a week to look over the contract. Plus, Kleiman claims that Autrey's sister is the one who wanted a school to pay a speaking fee AND that Autrey knew he'd have to give up 50%.