The city's latest subway hero, Carlos Flores, has been reunited with the man he saved on the subway tracks, Thomas Grant. On Sunday, Flores jumped to the tracks to pull Grant to safety (after he suffered an epileptic seizure), as a 6 train was approaching. Luckily, a second subway hero alerted the station agent, who gave the train conductor a heads up—and both made it out of there alive. According to the Daily News, when the two men met at the hospital, Flores said: "People kept asking me if I felt like a hero. I didn't feel like a hero."

While Flores was headed to his $19/hour shift in the produce section of Gristedes, Grant was at the East 103rd Street station to get from the Bronx to an East Village soup kitchen where he volunteers. He told the paper, "I knew I was about to have a blackout. It happens all the time. I remember looking at the yellow section near the train and then everything went black. I saw the light of the train. I knew I didn't have enough time to get back up there. I felt alone."

Flores's coworkers are calling him Spider-Man now, and one declared, "It's beautiful how people in New York City go out of their way to help each other. We are so bold. We are open. We are brash. But it's a great how people help each other." Is this the feelgood story of the year or what? Anyway, Flores's 10-year-old son (who he was working to buy Christmas presents for), had this message for his superhero dad: "I love you."