Francis Lusk, the motorman who stopped his train 70 feet before a woman who had fainted and fallen on the tracks, was apparently so modest about being a hero that he didn't even tell his dad about his day when he returned home. His dad told the Daily News, "He went out to get Chinese food, and the phone rang. It was the TA. I said, 'What the hell did he do now?' They said, 'Your son's a hero.'" We feel like most other people would be conducting themselves like Dennis Duffy.

Lusk was also reportedly offered tickets to a Mets game and invited to meet the team after the game. But as he said after helping victim Nina Webster off the tracks, "I was just doing my job." Webster remained hospitalized yesterday, though she wasn't badly injured from the fall. She was reportedly feeling dizzy and fell onto the tracks. Police do not believe the fall was a suicide attempt.