Yesterday, the college student who took a photograph of a man who groped her on the downtown 4/5/6 platform at Union Square spoke out about her ordeal, telling the Post that after his brazen attack, she followed him onto a 6 train, “I ran up to him. I kicked him in the face. I was just punching him." But in interviews with local news stations, Shyane DeJesus, revealed that no one paid attention to her when she went after the perv, "I yelled out on the train, ‘He groped me on the train! Watch out for this man,’” but the 10 other people on the train "just blocked out the whole situation. They wouldn't come to help."

The incident occurred at October 23, around 9:30 a.m. DeJesus says at first the man was just rubbing up against but then “He just went for it. He grabbed my left shoulder, pushed my head forward, lifted my dress, groped me and from there I went crazy. I punched him in the face."

After hitting him, the City College student said that she left at the next station but not before taking a picture: "I held the door and positioned the phone in his face. I was shaking, I’m surprised I got it. He smirked when I looked at him. He never said a word, not a word. All I got was that smirk."

Police are still looking for the suspect, described as Hispanic, and around 5'10, 200 lbs.