Police officers assigned to the Times Square subway station arrested a man who they spotted "repeatedly thrusting and gyrating his hips" against a woman on a train last week. And subway grinding is indeed a crime.

According to the NYPD, the incident happened during the evening rush hour commute on Thursday, April 21st, around 5:40 p.m.: "Lieutenant Luis Almonte and Police Officer Leslie Friday, assigned to Transit District 1, were conducting pickpocket and sex abuse train patrol inside of the Times Square 1/2/3, station when they recognized a man known to prey on female passengers."

The lieutenant and officer, both in plainclothes, followed the man onto a northbound "3" express train where they saw him board the train closely behind a female passenger. After the train door closed, the man positioned himself behind the 24 year-old female victim. The two officers observed the man press himself against the back of the woman; repeatedly thrusting and gyrating his hips against the victim. When the train arrived at the 72 Street station, both the victim and the man walked off the train.

Authorities say that after Officer Friday introduced herself to the victim, the victim said the man had been rubbing against her, and Lieutenant Almonte arrested 59-year-old Wilson Bradley.

Bradley was charged with forcible touching and persistent sexual abuse. The NYPD adds, "Upon further investigation it was revealed that [Bradley's] a registered level 3 sex offender."

Forcible touching is a misdemeanor, but the maximum sentence was recently raised to a year in prison or three years probation. The NY appeals court doesn't think that this is felony material, even if the grinder ends up ejaculating on his victim.

If you see or experience sexual misconduct in the subway (this includes seeing a masturbator, being groped, being grinded on, having someone photograph up your skirt etc.), you can report it to the MTA and police on this website. There's also a place for you to upload photos and/or video. Don't let the perverts win.