The war on graffiti continues, and The Man is winning. According to the Daily News, police and Transit surveillance teams have cut in half the number of subway graffiti "attacks." Just last year graffiti was on the rise, and that's when the NYC Transit folks launched The Eagle Team (really), who have allegedly seen a 46% drop so far this year, with just 53 graffiti raids. Reportedly the team focuses on the railyards while NYPD squads keep their eyes peeled on tracks between stations. NYC Transit VP Vincent DeMarino declared, "The word is getting out. It's not so easy in New York anymore. You have a good chance of getting caught." Especially now that they've increased manpower; clearly the best way to utilize money and the NYPD labor pool. An interesting addendum: that subway window ad idea used to deter scratchiti was actually deemed unsafe, since officers couldn't see into cars from the platform.