Yesterday's intense thunderstorms were too much for some parts of the subway system. Commuters trying to navigate their way to the earth's crust were forced to brave giant lagoons, staircase waterfalls, spraying geysers, and slippery platforms. Fortunately, some of them documented the spectacular water show for your viewing pleasure. Here are the most stunning videos of yesterday's magical subterranean waterworld, starting with this startling video of a geyser spewing cigarette butts in Grand Central Terminal:

Here's a short but sweet clip of extreme flooding at the bottom of the stairs in Penn Station. As the video's title says, "New Yorkers really don't let anything stop them." Not even a little flesh-eating bacteria!

Remember that scene in The Shining with the ocean of blood gushing out of the elevator doors? Yeah, just keep that in mind and remember it could be worse. Although, if there is still any debate about whether dudes in NYC should or shouldn't wear flip flops, our man at the 8 second mark appears to have settled it once and for all:

This funny/sickening video purports to show raw sewage being released into the Hudson River at the 79th Street Boat Basin. This is routine during heavy rains, but we've contacted the DEP to confirm. No word yet on how much raw sewage was released into our waterways yesterday, but we're thinking this might not be an ideal beach weekend.

And finally, tipster Mike T. captured this lovely waterfall video at the Times Square subway station, at the northeast corner of 40th Street and Broadway entrance. For years we've called on the MTA to retrofit subway trains into flume rides, but they just never listen...

VIDEO0116 from Gothamist on Vimeo.