This story might be one of our worst subway nightmares. Over the weekend, an A train left the station with some doors OPEN. The Daily News reports that train didn't stop until it was at the next station. The Transit Authority's Paul Fleuranges gave this statement:

"This incident should NOT have happened. If it happened as you describe it ... then there were some very serious violations of our operating rules and procedures. We are all relieved there were no injuries to our customers or crew."

The train was taken to a TA yard for a battery of tests, and the crew was taken off the rails, Fleuranges said. Both the motorman and conductor were given drug and alcohol tests, a standard investigatory move.

What's spooky is that apparently a conductor left his cab to check to see why the doors wouldn't close - but the train took off anyway because the motorman's control panel showed that the doors were closed! This could be a lesson to all you straphangers who lean on the subway doors (better to hold onto a bar) and who block the doors (move all the way in).

Photograph by Polish Sausage Queen on Flickr