Dr. Zizmor in the subway; Photo: NY Post

Everyone's favorite Dr.-with-a-Z, Dr. Jonathan Zizmor, or simply the only dermatologist New Yorkers know by name if only because of his subway ads was fined and put on probation for failing to "perform adequate histories and physical exams" on nine patients (four of whom were undercover agents). Dr. Zizmor was charged with fraud a few years ago for falsely billing a $100,000 procedure that didn't occur. Maybe the acne cleared up!

Dr. Zizmor's intrusive and brilliant subway marketing scheme led The New Yorker's Rebecca Mead chatted with Dr. and Mrs. Zizmor about last year's saluting New York ad. One dissatisfied patient attested to the power of the ads, telling the Post, "It was expensive and it wasn't worth it. But you just convince yourself you need it because of the ads." In a strange way, we've grown fond of his ads, as they speak to the heart and soul of every struggling-to-get-heard small business. Gothamist prefers them to the goofy beer ads that are plastered in the subway cars. And has anyone gone to Dr. Zizmor for a skin consultation? Gothamist sees his offices whenever we're at Dylan's Candy Bar.

FAQ on physician misconduct from NY State.