Last May, when Enrique Soriano's body was found beneath a 6 train at the Whitlock Avenue station in the Bronx, the police ruled it an accident or even a suicide. Now the ME's office says Soriano was assaulted and possibly pushed. Even though Soriano had been taking antidepressants, his family never believed he committed suicide because the gold chain and crucifix he wore were missing from his body. Wife Rosa Soriano told the NY Times that when her husband made his daily call to her from the subway platform at 3:20AM (he was on his way to his job at LaGuardia Airport as a baggage handler), he mentioned there were three men on the platform, which was unusual. A neighbor added that the Whitlock station was poorly lit and lacked police patrols, but it makes Gothamist wonder about other safety issues when taking the subway in the wee hours. What can you do if you're on an elevated platform, and the token booth in downstairs? Perhaps there should be a system where people can wait downstairs in a more safe area, and the trains will wait for people go upstairs. We know, wishful thinking.