2006_05_subwaymaphuq.jpgA man's subway death at the Kew Gardens station in Queens that caused stoppages for the E and F (and apparently left Roosevelt Island commuters stuck) yesterday morning has a seamy background. Mohammed Huq of Elmhurst apparently killed himself by jumping in front of a train. Huq had been on trial for trying to kill his ex-wife's husband in 2004, using his Toyota SUV to run over Glen Ringersen in Bayport, Long Island (Ringersen and Huq's wife Rehana had been having an affair) on the day of Huq's son's middle school graduation. Ringersen survived, but has trouble walking on his own. Most recently Huq's defense was trying to prove that Huq was insane, and Newsday reports his lawyer as saying, "This [suicide] clearly underscored the fact that he had severe mental illness."