A new website, Subway Crush, could mark the end of romantic quests like the one undertaken by Patrick Moberg last fall, when he created a website to find a cute girl he spotted on the subway. His efforts won him international fame, book and movie offers, and, yes, a date with the young lady. Oh, and plenty of derision.

In the Subway Crush dating scene, no such creativity is required. The site basically takes Craigslist’s Missed Connection section and confines it to the subway. Each desperate entry is designated by the subway line where the crush was born, and there are plenty of ads for Match.com if players want to try their luck beyond mass transit. Heads up, fellas – here’s a sample crush from the L line:

Adult Baby on the L Train Friday night (williamsburg)

You got on at 1st Avenue and stood across from me. I thought you had a big butt in your skinny jeans, but then I realized that it was an adult diaper because I saw the white elastic poking out from the top of your jeans. You turned around and I saw a pacifier attached to your necklace...can I change your diaper?

For some reason, the site’s registration confirmation takes forever, so Still in Diapers Casanovas will have to be a little patient. And who knows; maybe serial sex offender Freddie Johnson will register for Subway Crush and be able to move beyond frottage?