NY subway; Photo - NY Daily NewsAn interesting statistic revealed by the Daily News: During the Republican National Convention, subway crime in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens increased by 37% while subway crime in Manhattan dropped by 35%. Most of the crimes were robberies, with one duo connected to 7 of the 30 non-Manhattan crimes. Police were reassigned from the other beats to cover the convention and most of Manhattan during that week, and what impressed Gothamist most was that crime unrelated to the convention seemed to be steady, versus peaking the way one might think, given that criminals might want to take advantage of the situation. At any rate, most subway crimes seem to take place in Manhattan anyway, so overall, subway crime dropped 4%

Speaking Republicans, it looks like various members of Congress are looking into changing the way anti-terrorisim funds are dispersed, which means NYC could be getting more money. Clearly the logical thing to do, the Mayor says these funds will help the city, a no-brainer of a statement that makes us wonder why logic and politics rarely seem to go hand in hand.

And on a final subway crime note, a rush hour stabbing incident on the downtown 1 train caused delays yesterday morning. Two teenagers were arguing at the West 157th and Broadway stop.