Yesterday, on a 7 train in Queens, an insane (our word, not the papers) subway passenger attacked 18 year old Jose Velez, biting his cheek, and then bit off Velez's 71 year old grandfather's thumb. The attack occured at 5PM in a crowded train car, when 26 year old Ivan Rodriguez first jumped on Velez, screaming, "I'm bad. You're nothing. I'm a bada--" and ripped off his own shirt, then bit Velez and grandfather, Reynaldo Hidalgo. Doctors were unable to reattach Hildalgo's left thumb, while Rodriguez was arraigned on two counts of first-degree assault.

On Mondayat 4AM, two gun wielding thugs, Silverio Rivera and Pedro Rivilla, tried to rob another passenger on the W train. As the train pulled into Union Square, the passenger, Otelio Tapea, an illegal Mexican immigrant, grabbed their gun and as the three wrestled for the gun, Rivera was shot. Tapea fled the scene and was later arrested. When police arrived to investigate at the station, Rivilla claimed he and Rivera had been attacked by a Mexican gang. Rivera is on life support, charges are pending against Tapea.