Ride the subway here for long enough and you learn to not look up from your phone or book or magazine full of left-wing claptrap for basically any reason. Showtime dancers, mariachi band, subway preacher, clearly pregnant lady, all of it is greyed out in your magical reality-denying vision that's focused into a single point in front of you. Still, 7 train riders took that Zen focus to new heights this morning when they ignored what appeared to be a huge trail of blood getting sopped up by newspapers that ran down the center of a subway car.

A tipster emailed us the above pictures and told us that when he got on the 7 train at around 9:05 this morning, he "noticed this trail of liquid and everyone sitting around it." Shortly after getting on the train, the tipster tells us that a conductor's voice came over the speaker to ask if everyone was alright, and then the train was evacuated and taken out of service.

A Twitter user appears to have been on same train this morning, and tweeted her ongoing astonishment at both the blood and the nonchalance exhibited by her fellow straphangers:

An MTA spokesperson confirmed to Gothamist that a southbound 7 train was taken out of service after a report of blood on the floor, but no medical treatment was given to any train riders. The spokesperson could not confirm if the liquid on the ground was in fact blood. Whatever it is, it's clear Zardulu is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.