A year after it started dribbling cellphone service onto subway platforms, the MTA has announced the next round of stations to go wireless in Manhattan. And that's not all, the Authority also says 40 stations in Queens will also be getting the dubious bonus next year.

Right now wireless service is only officially available underground at a few 14th Street stops and the C/E station at 23rd (as opposed to the random shallow stations on the IRT line where a signal just happens to break through). The latest expansion, expected to kick in next year, will add service to:

5 Av (N/Q/R)
7 Av (B/D/E)
18 St (1)
23 St (1)
23 St (N/R)
28 St (1)
28 St (N/R)
34 St-Herald Sq (B/D/F/M/N/Q/R)
Times Sq-42 St (1/2/3/7/A/C/E/N/Q/R/S)
47-50 Sts (B/D/F/M)
49 St (N/Q/R)
50 St (1)
50 St (C/E)
57 St (N/Q/R)
57 St (F)
59 St-Columbus Circle (1/A/C/B/D)
66 St (1)
72 St (1/2/3)
72 St (B/C)
79 St (1)
81 St (B/C)
86 St (1)
86 St (B/C)
96 St (1/2/3)
96 St (B/C)

As for which stations in Queens will be getting wireless service next year, that hasn't been announced yet. But for what it's worth, the MTA and its partner, Transit Wireless, hopes to have the whole system wired in the next seven years.