Three police officers were zapped by their own Taser on Sunday while trying to arrest a suspected subway cell phone thief in Crown Heights.

CBS 2 reports that officers recognized the man from the wanted posters that detail his alleged involvement in robbing at least five people of their phones since February.

Police say they approached the man around 6:10 p.m., near the intersection of Nostrand Avenue and Sterling Place in Brooklyn. He reportedly fled inside a bodega, going over the counter, then slipped outside again to try and outrun the officers.

Remarkable security camera video obtained by CBS 2 shows the man and police grappling as they attempt to restrain him. While police strike him with batons, the video shows the man emerge from a chaotic jumble with one of the officers' tasers in his hand, firing it, and running away.

Several minutes later, the man, sprinting on New York Avenue, tried to zip around a parked car. Police caught up with him then, and one officer tased him this time. The man took out the prongs and allegedly kept resisting until police eventually arrested him, according to the Daily News reports. At that point the NYPD retrieved the taser.

After the scuffle, the officers were taken to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital in stable condition for evaluation. The man, who was reportedly taken to Kings County Hospital following the incident, has been identified as Manhattan resident Anthony Salgado, 25. Police say his charges include assault, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon, and grand larceny.