2005_03_treesubway.jpgAfter two weeks of subways problems, Gothamist is a little relieved that yesterday's fallen tree that stopped 4 train service was caused by weakened roots and the weather - not anything the MTA did or could have prevented. The elm tree that grew in the Bronx fell onto the subway tracks and subway at around 12:20AM Thursday morning. Amazingly, people weren't harmed and there was no "lasting damage" to the train. As for the tree, Newsday reports it was "carved up at the scene and is destined for the chipper at a parks facility, where it is to be turned into mulch."

But let's look back at the past two weeks in subway trauma:
- Lexington line power outages
- 7 track smoke issues
- Garbage fire affecting the 2/3/4/5
- 1 train's broken rail

Good times...good times. Mayor Bloomberg says the money to fix the subway system should come from Albany; for a moment, we wondered if Pataki would campaign for Bloomberg, but if Bloombling is smart, he's telling Pataki to keep his distance.

Photo from Newsday