Last week some creep exposed himself and grabbed a female rider in the City Hall R train station, which just so happens to be the same station frequented by noted lech Mike Bloomberg. (Just sayin'.) And like most other stations in the transit system, the City Hall station doesn't have security cameras. Or wait, actually it does have cameras, but the NYC Transit contractor who installed them did such a lousy job that they're useless! So yesterday Public Advocate Bill de Blasio trooped over to the station for a press conference to demand that state leaders fix over 2,000 broken security cameras and reverse layoffs for over 450 station agents.

The MTA's surveillance camera problem was underscored last month when a man stabbed three people on the No. 2 train, killing two, and escaped without getting caught on camera. (A suspect was arrested last week.) So far 70 stations out of 468 citywide are equipped with cameras trained on the turnstiles, and according to the Daily News, by June that number is expected to reach 100. Almost a quarter of the way there!