2005_08_lockheed.jpgThe MTA has asked Lockheed Martin to help install various security devices on its train and bus systems in a $200 million deal. The MTA weather criticism earlier this year when it was revealed it had only spent a tiny bit of the nearly $1 billion it said would be allocated towards security. Gothamist wonders what's more annoying - designing tanks for the feds or security systems for the city. We also think it's funny how in all the reports, whether print or broadcast, there's a mention of how surveillance installations won't prevent terrorism but it's a step in the right direction, as if to remind everyone that we can't pin our hopes on a tiny camera.

The MTA is looking once again at cell phone service on subways, by issuing an RFP to various providers. While some people are concerned that cell phones will be either rude or bomb-setting timers, the NYPD and government officials think it'll be more helpful than not. And just think - you'll be able to cameraphone your friends immediately when you see Chris Noth in the subway!

The City Comptroller is also criticizing the MTA for how it wants to spend half its surplus - which is to build a platform over the West Side railyards to entice developers and investore. City Comptroller William Thompson said the "MTA's track record on real-estate development is not encouraging" and the MTA should be focused on making sure riders won't have to deal with unneccessary fare hikes. Of course we agree, but this is also sounding like Thompson is getting ready to run in 2009!