2006_01_heraldsq.jpgThe Queens man on trial for trying to plotting to bomb Herald Square, along with two other subway stations, police precincts and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, in August 2004 says the idea was all his. Yes, that's pretty much a confession, but Shahawar Matin Siraj's lawyer is saying that he was entrapped by authorities because he didn't understand what a prosecutor was when the feds told him he'd meet with one once they busted him. Siraj thought the prosecutor would be his lawyer, plus claims he didn't understand what his Miranda rights were when he signed them away. Gothamist can't figure if it's the "play dumb" tack or the "feds decided to forget to take extra time to explain rights, since the words 'bomb' and 'subway station, Verrazano, and police precinct' are all together.'" Siraj and co-defendant James Elshafay were found with diagrams of the Herald Square subway station, plus maps of various Staten Island precincts and bridges, when teh police arrested them right before the Republican National Convention in 2004. It seems that Siraj originally said the bombing plot wasn't his idea, but now he is taking full credit for it - is he being a fall guy? Anyway, the Post notes from court papers that he wanted "to teach these bastards a good lesson," which can't possibly help at trial.