Some subway riders and transit advocates are upset about NYC Transit closing subway bathrooms between midnight and 5 a.m. for cleaning. As AMNY puts it, "Subway toilets are the pit stop of last resort," but many New Yorkers, whether they are "leaving bars, clubs, or their work shift," rely on them. One ironworker said, "Where do I go now? Wet my pants?"

Others suggest the closings will mean worse things--one station agent says, "If the riders can't use the public toilets, they're going to use the train station as a toilet."--and others are skeptical the cleanings will really need to take 5 hours. But NYC Transit wants to make sure the bathrooms are clean and one cleaner explained, "The public is just nasty."

There are 78 public bathrooms in the NYC subway system. And there was a pivotal scene set in a subway bathroom in The Warriors.