New Yorkers may hear a much younger voice making subway announcements Monday.

As part of Autism Awareness month, the MTA has paired up with students at the Foundry Learning Center to deliver subway announcements and messages at 11 stations.

Two messages will play every 15 minutes, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

One student, Taiko, said he loves the F train, and urges riders to help keep stations clean by using the garbage cans on the platforms.

Jordan, 10, reminds straphangers to not hold train doors.

“It seems like a nice thing to do for someone, but it actually holds everyone up. Thank you, and have a nice day,” Jordan’s announcement notes.

“Children with autism regularly engage with the subway system and many enjoy the environment of riding trains, hearing announcements, and viewing the train cars as they go by,” an MTA release on the program notes.

Jonathan Trichter is the founder of the Foundry Learning Center, a special needs school that paired with the MTA to make the announcements.

“The MTA holds a special place in the hearts of New York City autistic children,” Trichter wrote in a statement. “I hope other transit systems across the world hear about this project and do something similar to help bring more awareness about autism to their cities and countries. It’s important to know these children are different but similar — and not less.”

The announcements can be heard at the following stations:

Fulton Street

  • 96 St 2nd Ave
  • E180 St
  • 14th Street Union Square
  • Times Square
  • 34th Street Penn Station
  • Bowling Green
  • Atlantic Ave Barclays
  • Flatbush Ave
  • Forest Hills 71st Ave
  • Queensboro Plaza