2005_06_subcity.jpgPerhaps because the editors were tired of cover stories about the city's real estate bubble, the New York Times Real Estate section took time to try to convince readers that singles are moving to the suburbs. And by suburbs, the definition includes not just Stamford, South Norwalk, White Plains and Larchmont, but also New Jersey's Hoboken and Newark. Now, some people might stand by the quality of life improvements (especially if their companies are out in the 'burbs) and lower prices, but Gothamist sees a huge flaw. If you meet and date someone if your suburban town, you're going out to the three cool bars or two really good restaurants or one movie theater. But then what happens when you break up? You're left going to those same places, likely to run into your ex. Unless one of you decides to actually move out of town, you're screwed. And, that, ladies and gentlemen, is one reason why Gothamist loves New York City: There are any number of establishments we're willing to adopt in desperate times.

What do you think of living in the suburbs in your single years? Have you done it? Tell us!