Have you seen this subtly painted van driving around Union Square recently? A tipster passed along this photo and said the vehicle was doing brisk business today selling "pot pops" at 14th Street at 7th Avenue. We called the number on the van to see if the lollipops would actually get someone high. "It's just flavor," the man who answered the phone said. "It's all in the taste. It's just novelty."

Asking if the NYPD has been following his van as closely as some cannabis aficionados, the man demurred. "We're out there pushing for medical here in New York State—it's more of a political movement." The van's been to New York before, and has also been spotted in LA. "We have an office in Atlanta," he said after being asked about the number's 404 area code, "But we're based in LA." Pops with the "flavorings" like OG Kush and Purple Haze cost $5 or, 4 for $20. Word has it that the van will be making an appearance in DUMBO by the day's end, which might make the sight of 15,000 pounds of burning marijuana slightly more palatable.