A bank robber determined to get a Queens Chase branch's ATM used a backhoe to break in. The robber managed to drag the ATM out and tried to use the backhoe's arm to open it up—but the ATM was too strong for the backhoe. So the crook fled!

The break-in took place at 3:15 a.m. at a branch on 48th Street in Maspeth. The robber stole the backhoe from a neighboring construction site by "cutting a bulky padlock." A manager for the construction company said, "I hope they catch the thief. I lost a half day’s work and the machine’s damaged now."

Investigators are reviewing surveillance footage. An office worker in the neighborhood told WCBS 2, "That bank’s been robbed before, but not quite like that. It’s a little desperate, that’s kind of extreme."