A few days ago, Randy Moss finally had the courage to tell Tom Brady what everyone was thinking: you look like a girl. And the nation's stylists agree! In a feature imagining NFL Quarterbacks with different hairdos, the Wall Street Journal shows a few professional stylists a photo of Tom Brady with a short buzzcut and one with his new, flowing mane. Stylist Rodney Cutler said, "Looks good, but he's trying too hard to be stylish. Relax."

For the other quarterbacks, WSJ showed the stylists a picture of their current cuts and a mock-up of how they would look with a different hairstyle. One stylist suggested spikes would add "flavor" to Eli Manning's hair, and another suggested Donovan McNabb go back to his cornrow braids. If you want nightmares, check out the photo of a bald Drew Brees. The only QB to avoid a makeover? The Jets' Mark Sanchez. Stylist Vanessa Price said, "MVP for hair in my book. I smell a hair shampoo endorsement." However, 49% of WSJ readers said they didn't like Sanchez the way he looks now. Maybe they just want the beard to come back.