stuyvesanthighschool.jpgAn article in the Post this morning charges that teachers at Stuyvesant H.S. are unqualified to be teaching at such a prestigious school. The argument goes that at least half of all the teacher vacancies at Stuy have to be filled by seniority transfers, and the teachers coming in that way aren't exactly the brightest stars in the heavens. Now, this might all be true- Gothamist's first job out of college was teaching science at Stuy, and I definitely noticed one or two teachers who didn't belong there. But what the hell- if you want to get into the details, I really wasn't qualified to teach there either. Teachers in glass classrooms shouldn't throw stones, I always say.

The Post calls the seniority transfer problem Stuyvesant's "dirty little secret". They are wrong. Stuy's real secret is that most of these kids don't need teachers at all- they come in being brilliant, and they leave being brilliant.