With a new principal in place after last spring's cheating scandal, the crown jewel of New York City's Department of Education—Stuyvesant High School—is getting serious about academic honesty, it seems. Just like new principal Jie Zhang promised they would be.

Not only are teachers reportedly being stricter about taking a zero-tolerance policy on phones ("All of my teachers are a lot more strict about it," one Stuy senior told the News) but according to some reports teachers are going so far as to require their students "sign contracts saying that they would not cheat or plagiarize."

Will it be enough to keep the cheating to a minimum? Only time will tell, but according to another senior after the first day of school, it seems Stuy is seriously "trying to address the issue. Generally, the attitude is a little more honest, and rightfully so."

And so, we'll take this moment at the start of the school year to once again remind Stuyvesant students who are worried about the state-wide Regents exams (sigh) that there is a really easy, totally acceptable way to prep for the test down to the questions: Just get the damn Barron's books.