For students at Stuyvesant High School on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center attacks remain an emotional touchstone in their lives, with many of them watching the tragedy unfold from Chambers Street. Some alumni have been attempting to commemorate the 10th anniversary at the school—while the anniversary falls on a Sunday, the school is open by way of the Community Center located there—but have run up against apparent bureaucracy (and vacations!) at the Battery Park City Authority as well as flat-out resistance from Stuyvesant itself.

Class of 2002 alum Gary He tells us that he, former Stuyvesant class president Jukay Hsu and others have been trying to secure space for students and teachers (Classes of 2002 through 2005) to reflect together. They say that Stuyvesant Principal Stanley Teitel first said they would need to pay for an event, and then said the school's agreement with the Battery Park City Authority precluded them from using any part of the school. When the alums contacted the BPCA, they were told they would be allowed to use a small park across from the high school, but then the BCPA rescinded that offer. Now, the frustrated students tell us, the BPCA special events/permitting coordinator is on vacation until September 12.

We spoke to Stuyvesant Principal Stanley Teitel, who firmly said, "The high school isn't available. They think because they were here they can just come in, but they don't have rights." Further, he added, "Why would they want to relive that day? I certainly don't want to relive that day.... And they just happened to be [at the school on 9/11]—why do they want to be here?"

The Battery Park City Authority's Leticia Remauro said, "Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the September 11th commemoration including security issues and limited access in Lower Manhattan, Battery Park City Authority, in discussion with the Mayor’s office and various city agencies, has determined that we will not be issuing permits for events on September 9, 10 or 11th."

The alums are still looking for a space to gather on September 11.