Just days after a student was suspended from Stuyvesant High School for allegedly setting fires, investigators say a copycat arsonist has been lighting blazes in the esteemed Lower Manhattan school — and taunting police in hieroglyphics.

According to the Daily News, the new arsonist, from now on known as the Hiero Pyro, has set blazes in a 10th-floor bathroom and an eighth-floor bathroom trashcan this week. The arsonist has left notes for cops, one of them in hieroglyphics, and another reading: "I'm smart enough — you can't catch me."

Stuyvesant physical education teacher Phil Fisher blamed the fires on "a couple of teenagers with too much time on their hands. Obviously, we have a couple of pyros around here." But the father of 16-year-old Mohammed Hassan — a junior who was suspended from school and charged in connection with last week's fires — says this week's blazes are a sign of his son's innocence. "They don't have anything — the fires are still going on so this proves it," he said. "It's totally, completely racial."