Yes, the test question that New York's eighth graders had to answer involving a race between a hare and a pineapple might be a little "zany" for some. And it's true that two of the questions didn't make any sense and had no definitive answer. But it's far from the "crap" that it's accused of being, and frankly, our eighth grade selves would have been thrilled to answer a reading comprehension question that didn't involve lemonade stands or the Industrial Revolution.

The question itself was adopted from a children's book written by Daniel Pinkwater, who was paid "un-vast sums of money" for the rights to the story. He writes on his website:

I don't know how the test publishing company changed the story. I gather they decided to call the rabbit a hare, and made the eggplant into a pineapple. Also there appears to be something about sleeves. And they made up questions for the students to answer. I would not have done any of these things.

After reading the prompt and the subsequent questions [pdf], we think there's only two (#7 and #10) that could have multiple answers. The wisest animal? DEFINITELY the owl, people, (Hint: the "wisest" animal is ALWAYS the owl) though none of the questions will count towards students' scores.