It's hard to feel sympathetic for the MTA, an organization so seemingly incompetent that (and screwed by Albany) massive service cuts and fare hikes go hand in hand. But according to Pete Donohue of the Daily News, some of that massive budget gap is the fault of "boneheads who have no one but themselves to blame for being in the path of a subway train—as well as their opportunistic lawyers." And maybe the Bible.

Donohue argues that frivolous lawsuits—like one from Dustin Dibble, who won $2.3 million from the MTA after falling into the subway tracks when he was drunk—are costing the MTA (and thus, straphangers) millions. A vandal in the tunnels to spray graffiti sued after getting hit by a subway, and another man sued after riding his bike on the subway platform, crashing and falling into the tracks. The MTA has reportedly asked state legislature to pass a law prohibiting anyone from suing if they fell on the tracks because of their own recklessness, because it's not the motorman's fault if he can't stop the train in time. It's not the drunk's fault if he falls into the tracks either, but next time maybe he should just sue the alcohol company for making whiskey too delicious.