2006_07_pig.jpgPoliticians whose states and cities were cut out of Homeland Security funding found more fuel for their anger after the release of the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's report. The report criticized the DHS for having petting zoos, ice cream parlors, tackle shops, donut shops and flea markets on the list of terrorist targets. Senator Charles Schumer foamed at the mouth, "It's the most idiotic procedure. A sheriff in a small town in the Rockies shouldn't be deciding how homeland security funding is spent. It's just ridiculous ... they don't have the experience. Chertoff assured us that this money would be distributed in a smart way, and it was done in a dumb and probably political way." Politics at the Department of Homeland Security? No! The DHS says that the list is only one of the tools they use to determine funding, but come on, the fact that this list exists is not very encouraging.

The NY Times has a PDF of the Inspector General's report and a graphic showing the weird pattern of states like Wisconsin and Indiana having more terrorist-target assets in the database than NY or California. All Gothamist can say is that if a petting zoo in the heartland is on the list, than our city petting zoos better be on there too!

Photograph of a pig, in honor of government pork (no offense to the pig whatsoever), at the Central Park petting zoo from Bluejake