In a 12-hour, 60 mile ride around the city on Sunday, activists and families gathered to paint stencils memorializing cyclists and pedestrians who were killed in traffic, and called on the city to follow through on its commitment to Vision Zero.

The new stencils were created by artist Robyn Hasty—an elegant reinterpretation of the chalk outlines that have been painted to memorialize pedestrian fatalities in the past.

Right of Way, the group responsible for tacking up 20 mph speed limit signs across town, says in a release that Audrey Anderson and Evelyn Cancel, whose sons were killed by drivers in 2005 and 1997, had requested that they re-stencil the spots where their children were struck. The group reached out to ten other families, who all agreed to the stencils.

"This action was intended to honor the dead and the courage of their family members, who have pressed on despite unimaginable grief to advocate on behalf of all of us,” Keegan Stephan, an organizer with Right of Way said in the statement.

“And also as a call to action to our fellow New Yorkers to listen to these families and do everything we can to make sure no one else suffers what they have suffered.”