NY Times writer Jake Mooney contemplated his missing home-delivered NY Times, wondering the best way to smoke out the culprit. Short of a surveillance camera and a special invisible trap, there aren't many options, even when another neighbor puts up a sign demanding that the stealing stop (our experience is that signs only shame, but rarely get people to change their actions). This is something Gothamist has wondered about - the "See Something, Take Something" or "Don't Question, Just Take" attitude of most people. Sure, if it's a gently-read newspaper on an empty subway, it's for the taking, but when you're missing your NY Times magazine, do you really have to steal your neighbors? Thinking more about it, here are the other things neighbors have been known to steal:

- Magazines
- Packages (hello, dangers of the package room)
- Cable
- Wi-Fi
- Significant others

And two weird, less common things that neighbors have been known to steal are pets and electricity. Can you think of anything else?

Image from a previous post about using animals to sell the NY Times' home delivery service