2007_02_nyparkingjob.jpgAnyone that's ever driven a car in New York City knows that one of the hardest things to do is find a parking spot near your destination. A study released by Transportation Alternatives today finds that Park Slope may be the worst place to park. As if it wasn't enough to deal with stroller hell.

The study (.pdf file), which looked at 7th Ave. between Union and 12th, finds some alarming things about the vehicle traffic in Park Slope.

- 45% of total traffic is cruising for a parking space.
- 64% of local traffic is cruising for a parking space.
- Nearly 1 in 6 parked vehicles parks illegally, with illegal parking increasing
exponentially as the curb fills up.
- The average curb saturation rate over all observation periods is 94%, with nearly
100% occupancy at metered spaces during peak periods. Non-metered spaces
show even lower vacancy rates.

If a parking spot ever does free up, we imagine something like a feeding frenzy. This has caused some concerns for local businesses as their customers may take their business elsewhere when they can't find parking. TransAlt suggests a Parking Improvement District that increases parking rates to improve parking spot vacancy to 15% and residential parking permits on side streets.

In other driving news, The Truth About Cars has a piece on the rules of the road in the city. Most of them are pretty obvious for anyone that has driven in New York, but we think there are a couple of non-rules that they may have missed. Some drivers have told us that it helps to drive in NYC when you're also a pedestrian because you know what the other side is thinking. Cyclists and pedestrians can also pop-out from anywhere when you're driving.

If you drive in New York City, what are some tips you can offer. And where do you think the worst place to park in the city is? For parking lovers, there's always the classic Calvin Trillin book.

Photo of a tight parking spot by Brunocerous on flickr