Last month, the Department of Health released a study showing that 40% of the city's public school children are overweight or obese. But a new study is showing that either their parents aren't taking their kids to the doctor enough, or they have no idea what an obese person looks like. And thus the old battle over whether negligent or stupid parents are worse rages on.

The study shows that just 18% of parents of 6- to 12-year-olds believe their kids are overweight, and only 13% said a health care provider confirmed that. However, the 40% rate hasn't changed for the past two years. The study also says that eight in ten children whose parents reported that a medical provider said they were overweight were also perceived as overweight by their parents, compared with only one in ten children without the confirmation from a medical provider. Dr. Lynn Silver, assistant commissioner for Chronic Disease Control and Prevention emphasized the importance of regular visits to the doctor, saying, “Each doctor visit presents an opportunity for an open, honest dialogue about a child’s weight and how to stay healthy." If only it was as easy as knowing whether your pet is overweight!

One third of the children of parents surveyed also may not get enough exercise, as parents say they watch TV or play video games three to four hours a day, and 11% of students didn't even get a full hour of exercise or play outside of school in the past week. So now parents have to force their kids to play. This would never happen if every kid had a fun Tiger friend.