Well, this is disturbing, but not all that shocking. A new study has found that skinny women bring home more bacon than those of average weight, and much more than those who are overweight. The NY Post reports that the Journal of Applied Psychology's research discovered being 30 pounds below the average American female weight of 164 pounds can garner you around $10,719 more than the average woman's pay of $40,000 a year. Make that 60 pounds less and you can make around $22,300 more per year!

This trend goes the other way too, if a woman is 30 pounds overweight, she's looking at $9,873 less than that average. (And if you're a model, you can just forget about keeping your job at all!) One 125 pound account manager in Manhattan declared, "It makes sense that women who might be more image-conscious would be in higher-paying jobs, because they understand the importance of image."

But what about the men? Men who are 30 pounds overweight make $7,775 more than the average man's salary of $53,000 a year. So, how many step backwards is this?