New Yorkers are some of the least likely people in the country to fall victim to scams. Though local con artists continue to try to pull off the "broken glasses scam," the "broken bottle scam," and the "I need an insulin shot scam," New York City wasn't one of the top 50 places nationwide where residents have complained of scams or identity theft.

A Federal Trade Commission study reveals that con men scammed more than 1.3 million Americans, forcing consumers to pay a reported $1.7 billion in false charges. While New Yorkers fared well, residents of Mount Vernon-Anacotes—a Washington State region with 116,000 inhabitants—were found to be the country's easiest marks, according to the Daily News. "New Yorkers are smarter and more cynical than most; that's the only explanation I can give you," said Leonard Gordon, a regional FTC commissioner. "And we don't know why Mount Vernon-Anacotes was No. 1."

Researchers say some of the most common scams involve fake prizes, sweepstakes and lotteries where victims "pay an entry and get nothing in return." Also common are work-at-home or fee-for-employment hustles. "They say, 'Send us $100 or $200 and we'll get you a job.' Or 'Send us money for this at-home employment' and of course there's no job," said Gordon.