Noise: it's annoying... but now it's also dangerous! According to a new study, New Yorkers are exposed to dangerous levels of street noise each day, which over time can be damaging. Columbia professor and one of the study's authors, Robyn Gershon, says, “That’s the problem with noise. It sneaks up on you. It’s a hidden hazard and a hidden health outcome.”

Part of the study included researchers standing in 60 different spots (some of which had been sites of noise complaints) in Manhattan, measuring noise levels from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Most readings, even in parks (which are supposed to be tranquil, dammit) had readings of 70 decibels or more. Daily exposure to these types of levels can lead to hearing loss... not to mention the stress!

The outcome of the study suggests "that people have no place to go to get that quiet." Especially not along the city’s truck routes at First Avenue above 14th Street and along Broadway in Inwood. Those spots, along with Times Square and East Midtown, were the noisiest areas. Time to buy some noise-canceling headphones.