With all the new NYU students moving into their dorms this past weekend (and we suspect the gaggle of girls who looked like they read the same issue of Teen People following a guy in a skirt giving a tour of St. Mark's Place last weekend were new first years too), it means lower Manhattan is moments away brand spanking controversies regarding their students. The NY Sun gets things started with the story of NYU senior Gary He, who wants to create a calendar showing the shocking cost of attending NYU each year - "$31,690 a year for full-time undergraduates - a total that does not include room and board and books and supplies." Damn. He's concept is to have students pose with $31,690 in cash and then sell the calendars to raise money for an American Cancer Society charity; the problem is that He is having trouble actually amassing the cash, which he'll return to the temporary donors. Another problem is that the university won't allow him to use "NYU" in marketing the calendar. Oh, and another problem is that he can't photograph the calendar in an NYU dorm, as NYU spokesman John Beckman tells the Sun, "That would be a problem. You can't use dormitory rooms for commercial purposes. You can't run a business out of a residence hall." In other words, you can't run a legal business out of the dorms, as Julia Diaco found out with her drug operation. Anyway, Gothamist has this suggestion for He, at least for the lack of cash issue: Photoshop and/or a halfway decent color copier.

And too bad Hakan Yalincak can't get involved.